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Do you enjoy spending time in your backyard or by your pool? Do you enjoy grilling out and entertaining, whether it is family time or a gathering of friends? Would you like to take your outdoor experience to the next level and create that perfect oasis in your beautiful backyard or pool area? If so, an Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen by Kitchens by Woody's is a great way to take your wonderful time in the backyard to the next level.

With an Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen, you can combine the joy of cooking outdoors with the conveniences once only found indoors. An Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen provides the space you need to maximize your time outside, making the whole cooking experience an outdoor one, and eliminating the many trips inside to the kitchen. An Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen can also be the capstone to the investment you've already made in your wonderful backyard or pool area that will also enhance the value of your home and differentiate it in the housing market.

Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens provide the best in quality and value for your outdoor cooking experience. Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens cabinets are designed and manufactured for outdoor use. Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens cabinets are made of Perma-Panel, a marine-grade polymer that can withstand sun, rain and snow. The cabinets can be outfitted with Teak, Brazilian Cherry or TT Poplar doors and drawer heads, the same material commonly found in outdoor furniture. Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens also provide a limited lifetime warranty on cabinets. For more information, visit the Atlantis website.

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At Kitchens by Woody's, your Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen begins and ends with you and your needs in mind. Kitchens by Woody's provides two primary ways to obtain your Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen. First, Kitchens by Woody's has professional designers, should you desire, that will work with you to define the combination of cabinets, and other components needed to create the Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen that fits your desires - and your budget! Kitchens by Woody's has professional designers that are experienced in outdoor kitchens, with in-depth knowledge of how Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens products can best be combined to create the experience you are looking for. The professional designers will also leverage their expertise to help you determine the counter top and sink components needed to complete your kitchen.

Second, for those who prefer to do their own design, Kitchens by Woody's provides all of the Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen cabinets to make that design a reality. And with both of these options, you still have access to Kitchens by Woody's professional designers to ensure the selections meet your needs.

Once you have determined what Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens cabinets complete your outdoor experience, Kitchens by Woody's will ship your order in about six weeks to your home . With this lead time in mind, you can coordinate your counter top and sink deliveries, as well as any plumbing or other work required, to create your outdoor kitchen experience.

Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens example

Kitchens by Woody's is the best place to meet your Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens needs. Kitchens by Woody's professional designers go beyond simple cabinet measurements. Kitchens by Woody's professional designers are trained to coordinate colors, styles, and types of cabinetry and appliances to make the most functional and best looking atmosphere. The bottom line is that Kitchens by Woody's professional designers help create the perfect, unique environment each customer wants.

Kitchens by Woody's are product specialist and subject matter experts in outdoor kitchen solutions and the Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens cabinets. Kitchens by Woody's provides affordable Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens to anyone in the 48 continental states. And, with the option to work with a designer, or design your own, Kitchens by Woody's has the right way to purchase your Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens.

To get started on your Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens, have a Kitchens by Woody's Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens professional contact you, or call us at (304) 736-2007 Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.

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