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Choosing a Countertop for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Choosing a countertop is an important part of any kitchen and no less so for an outdoor kitchen. Due to weather and elements, choosing a countertop for an outdoor kitchen is different. Countertop option such as Granite, Concrete and Tile work as well for outdoor kitchens as for indoor and stand up to weather and elements.


Granite is the most costly option but is also considered to be nature’s most durable product for countertop materials. Granite is heat, scratch, and chemical resistant and is lower maintenance as it does need to be sealed over time.


Concrete is another popular option and is very durable. Concrete can be tinted and have decorative pieces placed into it, however it is very heavy and some extra support or bracing needs to be considered to support the concrete countertop.


Ceramic tile is the most cost effective option for your outdoor kitchen. Ceramic tile provided hundreds of choices, ranging in both colors and sizes. While ceramic tile is a fairly durable option and has endless design possibilities, ceramic tile can break if something is dropped on it. Ceramic tile also require more maintenance as grout will need to be repaired or replaced as it weathers.

Regardless of your choice, granite, concrete or tile, your countertop will be a beautiful part of your outdoor kitchen!

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