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Choosing the Right Grill for Your Outdoor Kitchen

The grill is arguably the most important part of an outdoor kitchen so it is important to put thought into your selection. The first choice to make when deciding on a grill for your outdoor kitchen is the type of fuel to use – propane or natural gas. Propane is the more convenient to install but tanks need to be refilled on a regular basis and there is the risk of running out of gas while cooking. (If you choose propane, considering keeping an extra tank on hand. Natural gas is a nice choice because there is a continual supply of fuel. Installing natural gas does incur a greater upfront cost as a gas line must be run to the grill location.
The next decision is to determine the size of the grill you will need. Grills are measured in square inches of cooking surface. If you normally don’t cook for a lot of people then you don’t need to spend a extra money on a larger grill with more cooking space than you will use. On the other hand, if you entertain and cook for a crowd on a regular basis, you will want to maximize your cooking space.
The last consideration in choosing a grill for your outdoor kitchen is what you cook on an outdoor grill. If your outdoor cooking is centered on the classic hamburgers and hot dogs, you will want to select a grill with basic features. On the other hand if you are a more adventurous griller, consider grills that have additional features, options and accessories that grill manufacturers offer.

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