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Determining Counter Space for your Outdoor Kitchen

Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen

Everyone has a different idea of their perfect outdoor kitchen, which includes the amount of counter space. The amount of counter space you need, like many aspects of an outdoor kitchen, is largely driven by how you plan enjoying time at your outdoor kitchen. For instance, you will mainly use your outdoor kitchen for grilling burgers for your family, a smaller outdoor kitchen with a grill and a cook top. With those two items, your outdoor kitchen should be around 7 linear feet with plenty of base cabinet storage and a waste basket cabinet. You should reserve at least 3 feet of usable counter space for prep work and serving.
For those who plan to do a little more entertaining, your outdoor kitchen should definitely incorporate a sink and a refrigerator. With these two additions, you will be completely free of having to run back and forth between your outdoor and indoor kitchen. When planning for an outdoor kitchen with these extra amenities, you should expect to use about 13 to 16 linear feet. You should reserve at least 6 feet of usable counter space to accommodate all the cooking and entertaining you will be doing.
With an outdoor kitchen, your options to entertain around the patio or pool are endless. If you spend a significant amount weekends and other times entertaining outdoors, consider the options that would make your outdoor kitchen everything you want to experience. Outdoor kitchens can incorporate everything from extra refrigerators, beverage taps, pizza ovens, microwaves and even a TV!
The more you want to incorporate in your outdoor kitchen, the more counter space you will need to efficiently work with. Just try and imagine how you will be using the counter most for setting plates, glasses, utensils, or even a place for people to pull up a seat. A good guide to go by when trying to optimize your counter space is: keep 24” on one side of the grill and 12”on the other and 12” on each side of a cooktop for food, utensils, and seasonings, and 18” on each side of the sink for food and dishes. Most importantly just have fun designing your kitchen - that’s what outdoor kitchens are for, to share laughs and great times with your friends and loved ones.

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