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Essential Cabinets for your Outdoor Kitchen

Atlantis Outdoor Kitchen Base Cabinet

Outdoor kitchens can be small and quaint or large and open but there are cabinets that are essential to every outdoor kitchen. While there are many cabinets to choose, there are four basic cabinets should be part of every outdoor kitchen. Just as the grill is central to the, the grill base cabinet is central to your outdoor kitchen. The grill base cabinet supports your grill, hides your propane tank if needed and provides under cabinet storage.
Next, the sink base cabinet provides a place to mount your sink as well as a storage space. With the sink base cabinet and sink, you are able to wash contaminated utensils and dirty pans without having to go into the house. Third, the trash bin cabinet is essential for a tidy cooking and entertaining space. All your trash is hidden from sight and double units provide an ability to separate trash from recyclables. Last but not least is a three-drawer base cabinet. The three-drawer base cabinet provides easy access storage for cooking utensils as well as pots and pans. With these four outdoor cabinets you can bring your dream outdoor kitchen home.

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